Getting America out of Debt


I do read comments, but if you want to send a private message (or you don’t think you got my attention sufficiently via comments), then email works. Here is the email address — as an image to confuse the robots:

If for some reason you think an interactive conversation is in order, here is my cell phone number, also as an image.

Finally, if you want to send me a review copy of your book (which I probably won’t have time to read) or bundles of unmarked Federal Reserve Notes (which I do have time to spend), my U.S. Mail address is:

I have a Facebook account, but I daily contemplate purging it down to people I have met in person. I don’t do LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Email is preferable. I actually like getting emails — that aren’t trying to sell me counterfeit aphrodisiacs or Nigerian investment opportunities.


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